Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The Lost Boy works as a bar star. So does A Certain Boy. And as of tonight, GC does too. Does this make me some sort of bar bitch groupie? (And if so, does this mean its my duty to give blowjobs while they mix cocktails?)

If not for the fact that I haven't had an alcoholic drink in ten days I would be beginning to worry that my life had turned into some queer and kinky pornographic version of Cheers. Actually, 'you wanna go where everybody knows your name'? Geez, maybe Norm and Cliff already have a bar stool with my name on it...


Blogger Ali H said...

I had to come to terms with my hospitality-worker fetish when the tally sat at four bartenders, two chefs, two waitresses and a barista. There's no shame in loving the sight of someone competent creating something delicious...

3:07 am  

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