Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Got Freud?

This is from a very odd piece called Got Freud? by Burke Burkean, in which he discusses the Got Milk? advertising campaign:

The so-called "milk mustache" easily demonstrates the desire for milk drinkers to embody an adult male persona for sexual gratification of the female (consider the popularity of male stars of adult films during the 1970s. A full and prominent mustache means a large, powerful, and satiating penis). In this book both men and women are photographed with milk mustaches. The milk mustache which adorns a woman's upper lip is an oral stage exemplum of penis envy. Dialectically, they desire milk and are satiated by milk (evidenced by the self-satisfied and smug look on their faces after having engaged in the subliminal act of nursing). On the other hand, there is the more overt penis envy demonstrated by the parallel of the mark of oral sex. The "milkiness" of semen around the woman's mouth is very similar to that of the milk mustache. The smug look on the woman's face offers the sign that she is willing to perform oral sex and finds pleasure from it. Similarly, the male with a milk mustache presents, dialectically, the desire for both masculinity through the facsimile of facial hair, and the subliminal fear of having a small penis - thus, offering a display of willingness to take in a penis through the mechanism of the mouth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geez, I think Burke's the only one with the penis envy here. What a blind cocksucker - there's more hormones than testsosterone in the world. That's just so funny!!

8:48 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's even funnier is your blindness to the fact that his piece was...*Humor*.

Remember what that was?

5:33 am  
Anonymous Zoo said...

now now anonymous the second! there is no need to be rude to anonymous the first...

i am sure we are all familiar with the concept of humour (or 'humor' if one is American). as in 'geez, anon2 must have been feeling particularly ILL-HUMOURED when writing that comment'.

small request: if you do feel like being a surly little individual on my blog, please do sign your comment. anonymous acts of kindness much appreciated, but i do think if you are going to be nasty then you should own it. now back in you box until your humour has improved and you can mix nicely with others!

ps and yes, i did find the article amusing- that's why i posted it :)

2:46 pm  

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