Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hellfire Xmas Show

Basic premise: Zoo as Christmas Tree, with baubles that audience members pull off in order to claim prizes. Cheek pull by the Modified Souls boys. Assorted other ouchies.

At the studio: The Pervert of Piercing (PoP) and I had discussed various ways to attach the baubles to my body, and had, I thought, decided upon some shallow suturing. This made me a little nervous, as I have only been sutured once before (my mouth sewn shut for a show), though I was fairly sure it would be more stingy than hugely ouchy so I wasn't too worried. But when I got to the studio I discovered that PoP had come to the conclusion that it would be better to use rings. There were twenty prizes to be given away, and we needed to include some baubles that weren't winners, so we thought we'd do 30 in total. *GULP*. Had never done temporary piercings with jewellery, and most play piercings I have done have used rather small needles (usually 21 or 23gauge, with the odd 18 or 19). So, while 30 wasn't very many piercings (I can easily do 100 if small) I was still wondering how I'd go with them being 14 gauge, and each piercing a two-part process as had to put jewellery through. Also, having been sick (kidney infection last week, headcold this week) I was a little concerned that my body would object. I needn't have worried- it was DELICIOUS! Much easier to get through than I anticipated. Strangely the 16rings in my front slipped through without any hassle, but the skin in my back was quite tough and there was a few deep breaths and some minor cussing when piercing it. After we had put the jewellery in, we attached the strings for the baubles, with the little clasp bits on, and closed the rings. Then PoP put BodModBoy(BMB)'s cheek hooks in, we gathered up our gear and headed in to the gig.

The problem: We got there in plenty of time, only to find that we had no dressing room. Meaning that we ended up putting on our costumes, throwing PoP's hooks and attatching all of my baubles in a corner of the club. Arrrgh! The show must go on, however, this put us out a bit and made us a tad flustered, so that we ended up on stage a bit after we should have- but what to do?

The show: Part One involved PoP and BMB decorating me. We had already wrapped fairy lights around me, which came with a battery pack for easy lighting. Once the music started the boys covered my arms and torso in tinsel, and then PoP put a 14gauge long spike through my forehead with a silver foil star attatched, and I switched on the lights. Awww, pretty! We had been supposed to do some cheek spears too but ran out of time. Then the music stopped and we did round one of the prize giveaways, which basically just involved selected folk coming and selecting and removing a bauble. They detached fairly easily, but a few punters still had to pull pretty hard.

Part Two was pretty easy for me, as I just had to stand at one side of the stage while the boys did a cheek pull. That is, both had hooks in their cheeks with a rope joining them, and they pulled against each other. Sweet! Then more prize giveaways.

Part Three was the grand finale. Having escaped the cheek spears in the first part, I wasn't really prepared for BMB coming my wielding an 8gauge spear and NO LUBE as the music began. Ouch! Big yummy surpising ouch! He did have to push pretty hard, and it hurt just a tad, and the shock sent me reeling so that I almost forgot the rest of the act. But I pulled myself together just enough to do what I had to do, albeit in a rather chaotic manner. And what I had to do was this: Strip myself of most of the tinsel and lights. Pulled out a blue sparkly veil I had tucked on my skirt and put in on. Remove my stunning gaffa tape and plastic Xmas table cloth ccovering to reveal The Christ Child swaddled and hanging from my labia piercings (first time I had put on any weight on them at all, and was quite glad they held it without any fuss). Danced about a bit with the Child swinging, then pulled a pair of scissors from my boot and cut him free. Cuddled him, offered him to the audience, then pulled the spear from my cheek (which was quite an effort) and stabbed it into the Child. Same with the star pinned into my forehead. Well, once the star came out of my head the blood started the flow with abandon. It was ridiculous, I couldn't see anything and had to keep mopping my brow with the Child's swaddling cloth. Somebody came over with some gauze, and as I held that to my head to try to stench the flow the remaining game players were pulling off baubles for the rest of the prizes. Messy, messy, messy.

After the show: So there I was, blood pissing out of my face, naked but for my boots and a few stray baubles and lights and jewellery. I had to get cleaned up, and take the rings out. The guy who runs the club offered us the use of his office. This was indeed a blessing. Just one thing- to get to it you either needed to walk through the ultra-straight nightclub above HF or walk around the front of the building. We chose the latter option and suddenly I was whisked out of building, down the alleyway, up the steps past bewildered revellers and then past the queue of punters and bouncers out the front. Not sure any of them knew quite what to make of us/me! Took a while to remove the rings, wash off the blood, get dressed, take the hooks out of the boys and redo my makeup, and was well and truly buzzing by the time I got back to HF and had my first alcohol in two weeks. GC and I hung around chatting and flirting and dancing and frolicking for a few more hours, before stumbling home via a quick drink at the Impy, exhausted but happy.

A nice and unexpected outcome: Seems I may have turned GC into a gorehound, as she was utterly transfixed watching the piercings, and apparently had a desire to lick the blood from my face when I pulled out the star. She is even talking of learning to do play piercings. To this end, I reckon we should hold another Ladies and Lladdies Sewing Circle in the new year. Heaven knows I can't pierce very well myself, but I am more than willing to be the demo dummy (within reason)!



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