Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bad Dog, Spurs, Kidney and Not Much Else

With maybe ten minutes or so to spare at the moment, I cannot even begin to give a proper update on my Xmas and New Year's Eve adventures! So, will just ramble about whatever is at the front of my head at the moment and give you more information and pictures and musings when I get more time :

* My kidney infection is back. Almost as painful as before, and almost as fevered. No hospital yet, though back on very strong antiobiotics and then more tests once the infection has cleared as doctor a bit freaked as to why I have a kidney infection without showing any signs of an urinary tract infection.

* Bad Dog is on the 14th of this month and I want to go. Yes, it clashes with Gurlesque but sometimes you just can't keep doing the same old same old. Here is what the BD crew say about their Summer Sports Karnival:

'Grrr, mangy mutts and pissy poodles lace up your Volleys, slide into your polyester sports shorts and get ready to hump your house colour for Bad Dog ‘Summer Sports Karnival’. Assemble in the quadrangle under your house colour at 3pm on Sunday January 14th 2007 at our rockin’ new venue ‘The Jets Sports Club’ Holbeach Ave, Tempe.

Green: Tripping Terriers and Stoner Labs
Red: Bulging Bulldogs and Crisco-ed Cocker Spaniels who like to play rough
Yellow: Moist Mongrels who refuse to be house-trained
Blue: Perverted Porno Puppies and Surfy Scrags with attitude.

Karnival Kennel Mistress, Miss Frost, and her staff will be wielding their starter pistols and megaphones for a day of all-out canine war on the sports field.
Cheating is encouraged and all losers will be winners just for one day.
For mutts with notes from their parents exempting them from participation you will remain under the shade on the dancefloor, strictly supervised by Kranky Kev’s awesome sound system.

Your Karnival House Captains are: (Green) Steve “Spike your opponent” Sonius (Red) Annabelle “Trip ‘em at the finishing line” Gaspar (Yellow) Ben “No I don’t run” Drayton & (Blue) Bill “I’ll sue you if you win” Cotsis.

Showing their true Karnival house spirit with crepe paper poms-poms and stunning visuals are Jade-star & Vandal. Locker room monitor is Trash Vaudeville.

Tickets available at $35 pre-sale from So Music (Newtown) and Spank & Machine Musik (Darlo) or $40 on the door cause you were sent home for inappropriate footwear. See ya there with your legs in the air – grrr! '

* Went to the Spurs For Jesus Christmas Eve gig at the Annandale (on my own due to disorganised, undedicated and trashbag mates all bailing out) and am utterly addicted to the fucked-up hybrid cow-punk renditions of everything from Kenny Rogers to the Boys Next Door's 'Shivers'. They have a residency at the Hopetoun Hotel every Sunday in January it seems. Just gotta buy me a cowboy hat and dust off my cuban heels and I'll be set! First is this Sunday from 6pm, entry free. Any takers? You just have to see them at least once in your time on this planet!


Blogger madam phantasm said...

Poor Zoo - I hope your kidneys start behaving again soon.

I am definitely in for Bad Dog and sunday evening also sounds good...

Amy xx

3:32 pm  

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