Monday, January 29, 2007

Grumpy Stompy Bitch Zoo's Vent For The Day

Ah, brain is all scatty from the weekend and I am stomping about wanting to cry and kick things. Rent had gone up at my place, effective today, and I hadn't been informed so am now more broke than I thought. Lost one of my lip spikes, improvised with a bar and ball until I could get to my piercer and replace it, but overnight the ball has somehow got wedged in my lip and its all closed over and the stupid doctor I saw wouldn't remove it so now I'm off to whatever piercing store is open on a Monday to get them to do who knows what (I am anticipating pain, and not nice pain at that). Haven't had a coffee yet, or a ciggie since yesterday. Kidneys have been hurting, but apparently my test results from the other day were fine. Had a nice night planned at home, with my hot water bottle against my ouchy kidneys and Tales Of The City on DVD and ended up having to rescue LesBeanz from hospital (she'd collapsed, but seems ok now), which was kind of fun but not what I needed when I was knackered and just wanting to chill out. Went to get one of my favourite books from the library, to find an article I REALLY want to read again now, and it is nowhere to be seen. Breasts tingling, but no time to pump now. And I was really hoping that a particular someone I still love would have contacted me by now, but I haven't heard anything- does she even miss me? GRUMPY STOMPY BITCH ZOO, just grouching about the place and looking fierce and not suffering fools too gladly at all. (I haven't actually been rude to anyone yet, which is quite remarkable)

But... it was a brilliant weekend! Started on Wednesday really, when I A Certain Boy took me out for a birthday dinner of yummy Asian food in Marrickville. Then Thursday was a cocktail party at the Slox with SharntSayNo and many perverted pals, big-time boozy Bear-ing, Friday brought a gorgeous afternoon spent lazing about with A Certain Boy, Saturday was Queer Prom (more about that later, including more photos from my show), lots of dancing and sparkles and spanks and even a few whacks with a nice leather belt at Zip, then a picnic in the graveyard yesterday afternoon. Its a fabulous day out there again today, not too warm but blue-skied and happy-making. And tonight I am heading out to visit my parents for another belated birthday dinner, and they will feed me comfort food and I can stay up late watching cable and reading the Sunday papers and then sleep on the lounge. Ahhh... Still some joy left in the world after all!


Blogger VioletThomas said...

you're a freak! check out my latest comment on manky's blog. *warning* you might break out into tears when you read what a fantastic event you're missing out on as you're not in berlin at the moment.

9:16 am  
Blogger Zoo said...

oh, that is beautiful *sigh*. a performing and queering sadomasochism conference-

wish i was in berlin for it, but its a little bit short notice. and berlin is FREEZING in february!

mwah darling,and thanks for the tease

11:53 pm  

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