Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fear Of An Evil Kidney

NeverTooOld suggested to me today that kidney problems are in some systems believed to be related to fear. Did myself a bit of a Google, and seems she was right again! From Fertility Formulas, discussing Traditional Chinese Medicine:

The emotions pertaining to the Kidneys are fear, fright, and shock (adrenal hormones.) Excessive rumination in any of these emotional states can injure the Kidneys according to Traditional Chinese Medical theory. Extremes of these emotions can also cause severe hormonal fluctuations in any endocrine organ and cause the “flight or fight response”. These hormonal fluctuations can upset the reproductive capacity. TCM recognizes that fear causes a struggle between Yin and Yang, loss of essence, and cuts of the relationship between the Heart and the Kidney. We reestablish good balance between Yin and Yang through reflective thought... Excessive sexual activity, too much “partying”, overproduction of ejaculate via intercourse or masturbation, excessive orgasms, or hormonal stimulation all may weaken the Kidney-Essence... The most common cause of Kidney deficiency is overwork which can be physical and mental. Work stress, mental anxiety, lack of relaxation, lack of sleep, long work hours, hurried, irregular eating schedules, or any excessive cerebral activity without physical release draws upon the essence of the Kidney...

I'm in utter agreeance with the fear, fright and shock connection. These emotional states have plagued me for at least the last 12 months, or probably much longer than that.However- too much partying? Excessive orgasms? Excessive sexual activity? Excessive cerebral activity? How does one define such things? Grrr. Sitting here starving hungry because I'm fasting (water/clear liquids/bugger all else), with massive stomach cramps because of the evil 'clear you out before the tests' powder concoction I had to consume earlier. These damn kidney-pictures better be pretty after all this!


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