Thursday, January 18, 2007

Flirt Alert

'I don't like it when
You play with my needs
You ain't nothing but a prick tease
If you don't wanna fuck me, baby, baby fuck off'

-Jayne County
'Fuck Off' (quoted from memory)

Ah, flirtations can be lovely. The anticipation, the furtive glances, the eye contact that lasts just a little longer than is polite, the 'accidental' touches, the increase in heartbeat every time the phone rings, that spark when you pass each other in the street, the blushing when caught at it, the carefully planned moves... I do like romance and courting, champagne and flowers and giggles. These things can me dizzy with delight and hungry for love.

Then again, sometimes I feel more like Jayne County.


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