Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Its An Ill Breast That Gives No Milk

A combination of illness, not pumping enough (partially because my pump broke *boo*), temporarily running out of meds, and possibly all the antibiotics I've been taking left me a little lacking in the milk department of late. But now I'm feeling much better and returned to a more 'normal' routine, and my milk has come back in. Which means that my breasts are in a constant state of flux. Practically non-existant at some points, big and bouncy at others, pushing tight against my clothing or just hanging around at a loose end. Strange thing is that often this seems to have no relation to how full of milk they actually are, or how long it has been since I have pumped. Makes me more grateful than ever that I don't bother with a bra, as I would have to change it three times a day to make sure it even vaguely fitted.

Speaking of illness, went back to the doctor for a check-up today. Still get the odd twinge in my kidneys, and pretty tired most of the time. Can get out and about in limited amounts, but if I spend a whole day/night doing chores or working or playing with my friends then often I can barely get out of bed the next afternoon. Its annoying- I spent half of last year in a state of depression and lethargy and now that mentally I am getting myself sorted (comparitively at least) I am physically sickly and weak. Doctor has ordered two tests, both of which sound quite interesting. The first involves injecting/ingesting (?) some sort of dye it seems, and the second is performed whilst I am pissing. Apaprently a large number of people refuse the latter, but I figured I have done stranger things for lesser gain and I do get to keep the pictures so what's to lose? Hmm, do hope that its nothing serious going on with my dear kidneys (or anything else). This whole episode has had me a little worried... with any luck its not something that will recur or need any major treatment, and will be just a case of not trying to do too much, drinking lots of water and eating lots of fruit and vegies. Fingers crossed.



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