Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lesbian Clowns, Rubber Chickens and Mime

While trawling through Google Images for some mime inspiration (don't ask), I somehow ended up at Head Injury Theatre's 'Pornographic Nightmare Fuel' page, a review of some of the most bizarre porn films ever. As in clown sex, Alice In Wonderland, paper mache tits, a storytelling sock puppet, paper-bag-over-head-with-smily-face-drawn-on fetish, Asswoman, Christmas porn and of course, what lead me to this page in the first place, mime sex:
'I really don't understand why having sex with mimes is so common. Now, clown sex is all over the place (which is scary in its own right), but the fact that there are any number of films where women and men are dressed as mimes, doing all sorts of things, is just unnerving. Is it a French thing? Is it a satire of how people in pornos rarely talk anyway? Maybe I'm thinking too hard about this.'
Makes me think that maybe it is time that Tallulah (my rubber chicken) and Twolulah (her stunt double) came out of retirement?



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