Monday, January 15, 2007



Avast! Captain ZooBeard and her Merry CrewSluts be inviting all ye pirates, captains, swashbucklers, buccaneers, comely wenches, mermaids, salty dogs, cabin boys, buxom beauties and bilge rats to the launch of the SS "You'd Do It If You Loved Me"
Set sail this here Thursday, 18th January 2007, from 7pm-ish
(Address not be posted on this here blog, but treasure map be available on request)

Bring ye your grog and your hornpipe, and be dressed in your finest ruffled shirt and eyepatch or be prepared to walk the plank (ie dress-ups most appreciated)!

Clueless landlocked lubbers can click here for hints on pirate garb and lingo, or on this here English to Pirate translator for ways to be speakin' like a real corsair.

Jolly my Roger and shiver me timbers and I'll be seein' all you scurvy dogs handsomely!


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