Monday, January 08, 2007

Single Bed

You’re getting married
And you’re crazy about her
You really miss me
I know exactly what you mean

Oh that’s so nice to hear
You’ve planted
All your roots down there
I’m still wandering
Like the fruit fallen from the tree
Is she nice to you not like me
Like the wife she was raised to be

- Bitch and Animal
'Six States Away'

Ran into an ex-lover on the street today and she told me she was shacking up with her girlfriend. This was straigh after I had finished having coffee with another ex who told me she had been past the house we shared and it had new tenants in it, and we both talked about how much we missed that place sometimes. Then another friend emailed to tell me she 'might be engaged', which presumably will lead to cohabitation eventually.

I miss being shacked up with someone a lot. Sure, I have the share-house thing happening, but its hardly the same- as much as I love my housemates. I want someone to cook with and do the dishes with and cuddle up with each night, someone to yell at about not taking the garbage out and have bubble baths with and do the groceries with and to shift furniture with and hold dinner parties with and grow vegies with and who knows how to replace the washers and will listen to when I read out my writing or carry on with performance ideas. Someone who will still be there in the morning, someone to just hang around with and to shag without knowing one of you will have to leave again soon. I have spent most of my adult life living with partners, and even after this six months here I'm not completely used to sleeping alone. I cover the empty half of my bed with books and toys and try to ignore that it is only my breath that disrupts the silence.

Yes, I know how pathetic that will sound to a lot of my readers. Maybe I should just move Mechtild the Lactating Blow Up Doll onto the other pillow and be done with it.



Anonymous Hunter. said...

Hi gorgeous...

I have a book that if you havent read or own you might like to look at when I am done, reclaiming genders ( i think it is called) when I finish it I will drop it to you...

Much Love and stuff.

3:12 pm  

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