Friday, January 05, 2007

Christmas Wrap-Up

Ah, yes, well, Christmas has been and gone for another year. And as usual, most of it was fun, with the odd stressy nervous breakdown moment. Scored myself a pile of pressies: the obligatory candle (vanilla this year), couple of DVDs , some CDs from GC, camp light, spiffing new esky, air mattress (single, hence borrowing a double!), crystal necklace, notebook with corset-lacing up the front, amazing Taschen book on wax anatomical models, another book called Brazen Femme which I shall be quoting here soon, plus some other bits and bobs. Ate a lot, including ham and chicken (four types of overboiled vegies on offer, versus six type of meats. Too much of a challenge for this little vegaquarian), plum pudding with white sauce laced with rum, fruit mince pies, random nuts and pretzels etc. Pulled bonbons and wore silly hats and read crap jokes to each other. Less cousins around to play with this year, but still a fair bit of family fun with the immediates and a motley assortment of extendeds.

Then over to This Charming Man's (TCM was formerly The Lost Boy, but reckon the poor thing deserves a cheerier title these days) place for an Orphan's Xmas. Drank much beer and played with the Hyperhounds, ate many of those weird little Pfeffernusse gingerbread bikkies and sat around the bonfire talking nonsense until the wee small hours. All turned a little pear-shaped due to my drunken confusion, but somehow sorted itself out. And so it was Boxing Day, another Christmas fulfilled...


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