Monday, January 08, 2007

'Take Your Tongue Out Of My Mouth...Because I'm Kissing You Goodbye'

Ah, I do love Spurs for Jesus! Went to their gig at the Hopetoun last night with an assortment of buddies, and despite not being able to dance much (very ouchy back pain from infected double-ureter-ed right kidney) had a fabulous night. There was a couple of old guys who showed the rest of us how to really bust a move! One, Bruce, was right up the front from the start, singing along, performing actions to most of the songs and doing a bizarre sort of choochootrain boogie across the floor. Then another old bloke in cowboy hat and long white hair, looking like a character from a Kenny Rogers song, proceeded to take his hat off and do a headstand, and while in this position fling his legs about in various formations. For almost a whole song. This pair got almost as many cheers from the audience as the band did. Decided I needed to take some Spurs home with me, so bought myself the Dark Side of The Saloon CD, and the very fetching t-shirt.

Am declaring The Spurs as my Official Birthday event, so hope to see a whole lot of you at The Hopetoun on the 21st, from 6pm (free gig). Still planning to go see Crackers on the Saturday, then friends are having a combined birthday/housewarming type affair so will head along to that. And don't forget that Hellfire is on the 19th, and I am more than happy to accept early birthday surprises that night!


Blogger madam phantasm said...

He didn't take the hat off when pulling off the headstand... leading me to believe that the hat must have had special super powers - it was the only way i could rationalise a 70 year old being able to move like that - I was mightily jealous of his moves and dexterity!

Amy xx

10:48 am  
Blogger Zoo said...

He DIDN'T? Dang, that makes the whole thing even more surreal!

10:53 am  

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