Thursday, January 11, 2007

Limp Wristed Beer Drinking Poly Prince

Arrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh.... much naughty Zoo had much naughty beer last night.... and LIMP WRIST WERE BRILLIANT! Has been quite a while since this old bitch has been anywhere near a mosh pit, but I managed to not get too badly mangled up. And it was delightful to see so such a big cross-section of dykelings and bears and freaks and leatherboys and punx all crammed into Manacle. After bouncing about at the gig I got a cab to The Sly, stayed 'til closing then went to another friend's place and then ended up back at Beculum's somehow. All very odd, and all very messy, and all very ouchy now. Feeling emotionally adolescent and physically middle-aged.

Came home with a handful of stickers, a badge, a CD and a t-shirt that say 'LIMP WRIST- GET BLOWN' next to a picture of some filthy faggot. Speaking of merchandise, my fave t-shirt (and trucker cap, badge, bag etc) of the day, thanks to Whoretic is 2QT2BBIO. Closely followed by Feminist Fucktoy. Dang! Just as I was typing that I came across another new favourite- the Poly? Wanna Partner? range. Beautiful!

And speaking of polyamoury, the moment I start posting about wanting a husband/husboy/husbutch and shacking up and getting strangely monogamous tendencies and desires the possible possibility of poly-ammy-blahblah came up again in my life. Very glad it did, even if I am not quite sure where I stand with it all. Part of me wants to be swept off my feet by Prince/ess Charming, to live in wedded bliss never desiring another, but then the rest of me knows that life is not a fairtyale. Certainly, mine seems more like an excessively drawn-out and unbelievable Ancient Epic Tragi-Comedic Mythological Extravaganza with each new scene that is played out.

The other day I wondered here if my Prince has indeed already kissed me and is waiting for me to wake up to the magic. For reasons I can't explain, I have a strong feeling this is the case. I just have a hunch that I have already been touched by my Fate. And that maybe happy endings do happen after all.



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