Monday, January 22, 2007

Thanks for Spanks

Big thanks to all who made my Birthday Festival so wonderful: who drank rum with me at the Pirate Party (unofficial event), oohed and ahhed at Crackers with me, spanked me at Hellfire, bought me drinks everywhere, danced with me at the Impy, gave me birthday face-slaps, and got down and hoe-downed with me at the Spurs (special thx here to Whoretic for getting my favourite Spurs cover version, Shivers, dedicated to me). I am still blushing bruises and seeing stars..

Now, for a big week ahead. Much work to be done, kidney function tests, supervisor meeting, making my show for Queer Prom, maybe the Sly for a couple of hours (or maybe not, might need to give the Sly a break again), boot-naughtiness with Hunter, then Bear party on Thursday night. And this heat is exhausting! Can barely move, just slothing about in my towel all day, its 5pm and I haven't even made it to the shower or outside for a cigarette. Lazy, lazy day.


Anonymous grushenkadoll said...

for the parts of your b'day I am responsible for, my gorgeous grrl, it was my absolute pleasure... xoox

1:48 pm  

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