Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Much Less Grumpy Stompy Bitch Zoo

Much less of a Grumpy Stompy Bitch Zoo today! By the time I made it to Polymorph this afternoon the ball from the jewellery I had 'temporarily' stuck in my lip when I lost my spike was well and truly stuck there. Fortunately, I had been home and found some Lignocaine on my way to get it removed, so applied some while waiting for the train and by the time I got to the studio my lip was a teensy bit numb. Which was nice, as it took a bit of cutting and a hard push before the Pervert of Piercing could get the ball unstuck from my flesh. He is SUCH a sweet boy, just laughed when I was cussing and even found a new black spike for me. Oh, and I bled a bit, and the taste of blood tends to calm me down! All back to normal, though think I will get rings for everyday wear and just bring out the spikes when I'm in the mood for them. They are much much trouble, and even if they ARE spectacularly cute and get me lots of kisses I don't know if I can be bothered with them all the time...

Hung out with my folks last night, got a birthday cake and candles and had calamari and roast vegies and biscuits and cheese and soft drink and random combinations of food that I foraged from the cupboards and fridge. Its always exciting to be over there, so many goodies to eat and drink that I just never buy myself! Then went shopping with my Mum for my birthday pressies, in the sprawling metropolis that is Liverpool Westfields. Arrrgh! Wanted new bed linen, but all I could find that I liked was sheets, so still have to hunt down a none-too-offensive quilt cover and pillowcases. If anyone has any ideas on where to find something quirky and not too pricy in the way of linen please pass on details. I am OVER embroidered flowers and boyish checks and fake polysetser cotton Indian sari prints!

Am caffeinated, nicotined and pumped, so feeling much more together. And might have found a new place to live... shhhh... I do love my housemates a lot, but I am thinking that it may not be good for me to keep living there for a great deal longer for a number of reasons: a) the rent has gone up, but house is still too far away from Newtown and/or Uni to walk home, b) it looks like we will have to get another person to live there to cover the increased rent, and the place feels enough like living in a hostel as it is without adding another permanent resident, c) I am at least 8 years older than all of the people I live with or who hang out in/crash in/trash my lounge room, and in a very different stage in my life, d) I can't live in a place that is full of empty beer bottles, fruit flys, rubbish, overflowing bins (when they are used at all) and washing up that has been there for days. Heck, its true that I am a mildly alcoholic tormented angsty freaky-looking messy student type, so in theory I should LOVE it there, but I am still thinking I need to live in a Big Person House. Will see if anything turns up in the next month or so. Think Lismore is still a fair time away for me, if it happens at all, as I have a lot of projects I want to get into down here, and need somewhere stable. Really don't want the hassle of moving all my stuff again though *grr*. Mayeb I should just buy myself a bus to live in?


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