Monday, February 05, 2007

From the KookyKids

sad but true we're out of 77 william street
come and celebrate, together we'll be back somewhere - as soon as we can.sugar daddies who want to look after us - step up now

from 10pm live is ez & loretto from nyc show by pluto matt vaughn is our special guest spinner seymour and gemma will play kooky anthems from the past 12 years and future
dress up and make it a kooky to remember...
thanks to everyone for believing in us
kooky cd coming soon
much much love
the kookykids

I'm going to be performing at Velvet until midnight or so (*grr* will miss pluto's show), but from there will be hightailing it straight to Club 77 for this! MAJOR DRESSUPS REQUIRED!!!



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