Friday, February 02, 2007

Pointy Pervy Business

This time last year I was about to head to Berlin. If I was repeating this adventure,I couldget there just in time for The Performing and Queering Sadomasochism conference being held 8-11th Feb. Sigh... Europe is so far away!

Oh well, guess will just have to have some pointy pervy fun here in sunny old Sydney. If all goes to plan I will be doing my very first flesh pull next Saturday night at a friend's party. Must confess to being more than a little excited/wriggly about it... such BIG hooks, and the sensation when flesh is stretched and tight! The Pervert of Piercing shall be doing the dirty work, and has offered to bring his whole tool box for anyone who wants to get poked with pointy things. See how I go with the pull and maybe do some spears or suturing or ? as well. Its good timing, as it gives me an incentive to detox this week, cut out the booze until then and keep the ciggies and caffeine low. Not strictly necessary, but I do often find some extra joy in having a really clear headspace when doing intense things like this. (Also, my kidneys were very ouchy today, so want to try to treat my body nicely for a while).

Going to try to make this a very quiet weekend. So far, its midnight on Friday and I have resisted all urges to head to Kooky or any other form of 'out'. Just been lying on the lounge of the empty house, watching Tales Of The City and Blackadder DVDs, drinking tea, dozing on and off. All tomorrow holds so far is brunch in the ghetto and then some shopping and prop-making (for Velvet) in the afternoon. No plans for Saturday night. Nothing much to do on Sunday. Feel like I should tidy/reorganise my room completely or make some grand art or read something brilliant to make the most of this free time, but sometimes watching lightweight movies and TV shows is as much as my brain can handle. I'm knackered emotionally and physically, and mentally I'm not far behind (though no idea why as haven't used my brain in weeks it seems). Ah, bedtime for Zoo. G'nite all.



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