Saturday, February 17, 2007

Marenko's Monsters

Monsters are the embodiment of excess. That's why theur mere visibility is enough to disrupt the binary system. Against their body the binary system does not work. It cannot operate where there are life-affirming forces of excess and perpetual change; forces which are charged with an intensity which does not derive from a binary system.

These forces have something which is not reducible to a dyadic structure of thinking.

These forces dwell into the excess, into what is not definable in one exterminating determination.

Thus, the monster's corporeality cannot be forced into a single classification, cannot be captured by the trap of fixed categories. Ontologically borderline, the monstrous body is the hinge which allows unthought of openings. Untameable body, it makes visible in its own corporeality the arbitrariness of the binary system, a system that proceeds from according to a disjunctive apparatus, sythesised by the formula or... or...

It makes the visible because it is not reducible itself to an apparatus; because it is not taxonomically compatible.

The monstrous body is the living expression of an intermediate state, of a threshold whose unstoppable friction force is eroding the stale binary system.

-Betti Marenko-In.Sect.Corp TM
'The Self-Made Freak: Hybridizations and Bodies in Transition' in Body Probe (ed D Wood)

(Pix from my August '06 'November Spawned A Monster' HF show)



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