Thursday, March 22, 2007


I have already cheated and eaten my first hot cross buns of the season* (chocolate ones with Schwee, traditional ones with AuntyC) and have a hankering for one of those Italian Easter breads with the colored eggs plaited into them. I fear it will not be long before I will succumb to the temptations of foil-wrapped chokky rabbits and bilbies.

Of course, no Easter is complete without a trip to The Royal Easter Show. True, it is not the same since it moved from the ShowGrounds at Moore Park to Homebush Bay, but I still go almost every year. There are certain things I need every Autumn. Such as a triple stack of pancakes with whipped butter and maple syrup for lunch, preferable consumed while sitting in the blazing sun watching the woodchop. Followed at some point by cheese on a stick. And hours spent examining calligraphy, leatherwork, miniatures, quilling, paper tole, knitting, woodwork, ceramics, scuplture, photography, paintings, crochet, various grades of wool and some serious cake decorating. Not to mention the non-perishables, jams and preserves, and the giant fruit and vegetable displays! Patting and pawing the cows, sheep, poultry and horses. Perusing and possibly purchasing cheap jewellery and wigs and showbags. Perhaps a ride or two, or a go at the laughing clowns. All concluding with hustling for a spot on the grass to settle down and watch the fireworks from before catching the train home again, feet and stomachs aching and covered in dust. And this year The Show is even more exciting than usual...

The Psycho SideShow of Anarchy includes The Space Cowboy, a one-metre-tall belly dancer, an escape artist, a hula hoop girl, arial stunts and Shep Huntley, who's 'specialties include performances like the car battery electrocution, the bed of nails, the bowling ball drop, the keg lift and the incredible antique dingo trap.' As the Show's website explains:

'For those that like to venture to the dark side of art, the Psycho Sideshow of Anarchy in The Tiny Top Tent will host the retro rebirth of Show heritage. Located within The Tiny Top Tent the show brings together a spell-binding collection of old world performance art combined with a classic sideshow that pushes the boundaries and ignites the imagination. This show is located in the old President's Plaza, away from the bright lights and hype of the Carnival and is for the more extreme Sideshow-seekers. These exceptional artists are set to take you on a journey to the depths of human possibility.'

And what better time to go to The Show than when Spurs For Jesus are playing in the VB Shed??? They are doing two nights, Easter Sunday and Monday, but as Gurlesque is on the former I guess I will be Show-ing on the latter (that'd be April 9th, 7:30). Woohooooooooo! Be warned though, I am thinking of attending dressed as a sort of 'Cunt-ry Fair Kewpie Doll', so whoever accompanies me must be prepared that I shall in all likelihood be wearing a tutu, some glitter, possibly false eyelashes, a pink cowboy hat and assorted sparkly trims and trinkets. And yes, you can tie me to a stick if you like, but only long enough for a photo or two!

* Cheated in that hot cross buns are properly consumed on Good Friday, and I still have flashback of Catholicism from time to time. Speaking of which, think I might go to the Latin Good Friday service in Lewisham- its one of the most beautiful services of any religion I have ever been to. Anyone lapsed or simply curious that wants to join me is most welcome. I am warning you though, it is a LONG service, possibly 3 or 4 hours.



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