Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mixed Bag

* Still need a job, but probably get enough random work at Uni to keep me going for the next few weeks. Thanks to all who sent me links and hints- and please keep sending them. Oh, and just got an increase on my credit card, which means that I can almost definately afford Europe if things keep going how they are.
* My friend with the tit tumour has only been doing chemo three weeks and it (the tumour, not the tit) has already shrunk by half. BIG BIG BIG HAPPY DANCE!
* Due to a distinct lack of company, and the energy required to make it through a five band lineup without beer, I shall most likely not be at the Spurs gig tonight. However, I shall be toddling along to the Punx Picnic for a bit today, and then heading into Manacle around 9:30 for SLPA night (but mostly to get my favourite TBear to lick my boots. Nice.)
* Whore short film night was brilliant, with much discussion and some very good docos. Had to keave half way through as it was running a bit behind time and I had to head to my next engagement, but was great to see a good mixed crowd in attendance. And Scarlet Harlot is my latest hero, thanks to her Safe Sex Slut song and filmclip. Hilarious, and for some reason reminded me of the late great Divine- never a bad thing in my opinion.
* Hellfire last night was fun. Was SauerKraut's birthday bash, so mostly hung out with her and chatted and danced quite a bit with BW and MyFaveMermaid-yay for Sveta on the decks- and managed to do it all without drinking alcohol (save the half a vodka MFM donated to me on her way out). Was Hellfire's birthday too, and for some reason it seemed to attract a much quirkier crowd than I've seen there in a while. Oh, and I met my biggest fans to date, a couple who apparently make sure they come to HF every time they see me on the bill, despite living in LITHGOW. Blush. Then tucked up in beddybyes by 3:30am, and no hangover today. Hmmm... sobriety sometimes ain't such a bad thing!

Look my eyes are just holograms
Look your love has drawn red from my hands
From my hands you know you'll never be
More than twist in my sobriety

- Tanita Tikaram
'Twist In My Sobriety'



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