Wednesday, March 14, 2007

KING GUISE- Call for submissions from Kings Of Color

This was just posted on a queer performance list I'm on...

'Spread far and wide. This may very well be the first book dedicated to Kings of Color published in English, Spanish, and French.

Call for visual/ digital / photographic images of self-identified,of 'Color' Drag Kings, Genderqueers, Male Impersonators, Masculine Impressionist, Studs, FtMs, Butches and related trans- identitiesfor proposed coffee table book. This collection of images and accompanying text will focus on andexplore the act of putting on masculinity / man / he / h?m.Special consideration for 'action images' depicting the putting on, taking off, performance or 'captured desire' of the 'masculinized-self.' King Guise will use critical inquiry to investigate the process and execution of these transformationsand the eventual outcome, if any, of public display andinteraction. Thru dialogue with actual image 'recorders,'the subjects/objects themselves and the voyeurs drawn to theseparticular 'looks,' King Guise will delve into the murky paletteof 'gendered desire and play,' with particular attentiongiven to the operation and influence of cultural, racial andregional 'ethics/values/norms.'All submissions, commentary and visual submissions shall be fullyconsidered. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ACADEMIC, "POLITICALLY APPROPRIATE" or "GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT" I am also accepting portraits, written works, sketches, drawings, digital imagery,reprints, cartoons, erotica and more.

King Guise will be published in English, French, and Spanish!

Word Count/Page Limits:
Poetry/Rhymes – Maximum 3 pages per poem/rhyme and 3 poems per poet/mc
Graphic Stories – Maximum three pages/submission (number of panelsup to you) Up to three pieces per 'artist'.
Photographs/Paintings/Collage/Drawings- 3-5, scanned as B/W only.Royalties will be paid!Please send entries as .tif, .jpeg format, word or txt attachments
DEADLINE: May 1st, 2007
Collaborative Editors: Drag King Sile Singleton, Erin O'Neill, and Noelle Campbell-Smith.
Publisher: Homofactus Press. (
Send submissions to'



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