Saturday, March 03, 2007

Bornstein Dyke Quote Makes Zoo Smile Lots

Katrina Fox interviewed Kate Bornstein for this weeks SX (issue 318, March 1 2007). And never one to disappoint, our Kate gives us this magnificent observation:

"Dykes are my favourite people. Man, they're like Pippi Longstocking- like Willow from Buffy, with a good sense of humour. Dykes are not necessarily lesbians; they have all kinds of sexualities. A dyke is a queer lesbian with wider parameters of sexuality and gender identity. A dyke might fuck a fag, a lesbian I don't think would."

And on that note, Zoo shuffles off to beddybyes for the night, to rest her aching thighs (don't ask, just blame the Bears *lol*) and dream of her costumes for the weekends adventures... tutu? leather harness? vagina dentata knickers? feathered fan? fishnets? large amounts of glitter and diamantes? packing cock? bandages? Too exhausted to do anything other than stare around the room at random collections of props and accessories and know that it will all come together at the last minute. Always does! HAPPY MARDI GRAS FOLKS!



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