Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sex and the Ouchy Ex

Ooooh, its the day of the naughty party and I daresay I am rather excited.

And a bit weirded out. Seems that the OuchyEx will be there, with a new playmate, and this just about blew my head apart when I found out. Texted her, expressed a certain amount of consternation, and then in happened- SHE FINALLY RANG ME AND SPOKE TO ME PROPERLY! Like, not when were both munted, or just in passing in some awkward social situation. It was an actual conversation. And she suggested we meet up for coffee and a chat during the week too. I wish she had done this a month ago- I really needed to have some dialogue with her and know where I stood. So, we sorted a lot of stuff out, and got back on much better terms than we have been in a long while. Seems she had been quite concerned about me, still loves me somehow, and wants it to be nice between us too. That would be really, really good. I miss a lot of things about her, and being her mate is one of the main ones. I miss just haning out and drinking beer and talking about everything and nothing, and if there's still a chance of that at some point in the future then the rest doesn't seem so hard to deal with at all.



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