Monday, February 19, 2007

The Week Ahead

Just recovering from Fair Day and drinkies and seeing Vampire Lesbians Of Sodom at The New Theatre with Madam Phantasm and Whoretic, and looking forward to much fun and nonsense to come... Working a lot, which means much more $ for Zoo. Then QueerScreen 'Boy I Am' FTM flick on Tuesday- Newtown Dendy at 7ish (check the net), Wednesday seeing David Hoyle at The Studio, SLIT launch Thursday at Medium Rare, Whoretic moves in on the weekend, SharntSayNo has a birthday affair, and Dykes on Bikes tattoo show and then all-girl-sex-on-premises-adventure Sunday. Hmmm, maybe single life is not SOOOO bad after all?

Oh, and rumour has it that MooZoo may be making an appearance for the 1:30 show at April Hellfire (Friday 20th). You have been warned!

Oh Oh, and there be cute pix from Velvet, feat Ali and Gaylourdes and moi, in last weeks Sydney Star Observer's party pages. Has been sooooooo long since I've made it into the queer rags- its nice to be back *lol*.


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