Monday, February 19, 2007

Babe In The Woods

When I flick through my posts on this blog I sometimes wonder what other readers must make of me. Part gendermucking monstrous queer pervert performance artiste with a highly developed sense of the absurd, the abject, and adventure, part little lost girl who strayed too far from the her happy suburban home and is still scared that the Big Bad Wolf is going to eat her all up before she can settle down into her Hallmark card dream with the lumberjack. Some days I just don't feel very brave or pioneering. But then I remember, it is usually when I decide to take the road most commonly travelled that I get seriously lost.

Yeah I recognize that girl
I took her from rags right through to stitches (pray for me now)
Oh baby, tonight we sleep in separate ditches.

Deep in the woods
Deep in the woods yeah
Deep in the woods a funeral is swinging.

Love is for fools and all fools are lovers
Its raining on my house and none of the others
Love is for fools and God knows Im still one
The sidewalks are full of loves lonely children

- The Birthday Party
'Deep In The Woods'



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