Monday, February 26, 2007

Mardi Gras Madness

'So, what are you doing for Mardi Gras?'

I will be marshalling, as really couldn't get into the idea of marching for some reason- even for SLPA or the Bears and didn't mange to find a Bitch On The Back spot with Dykes On Bikes 'cso I was too trashy to turn up to yesterday's bike and tattoo show. When I marshalled before it was a lot of fun, and from time to time I do like to have a bit more of a backstage role (believe it or not). Really not sure what I will be doing after the parade. I do get a cheap ticket to the big party for volunteering, but even at half price it really doesn't inspire me. Don't really ever enjoy most big parties, with the notable exceptions of Tropical Fruits and Inquisition, and though the line-up of DJs is quite wonderful, and so many more of my friends are going than normal, I still doubt I will go. There is always The United Colours Of Bent if I decide at the last minute that I must do a 'party', and there is rumour of a rather alternative alternative being held somewhere closer to my ghetto. Alos, there is a cute and freaky looking party called Disco-Dildo on Sunday at Club 77, from midday. See how the mood takes me with all of the above, but one thing is for certain. I will be at:

Gurlesque Farti Bras MG Recovery, Sunday 4th March, doors from 6:30 and shows from 7:30, and featuring:

'WIFE & DOMINO(that's right , the spunk from SLIT MAG!!), MS FEELERS & MS EGGBEATERS, TEAM PRINCESS, VERONICA, KIMO BOY, KIRA HULA LA, plus sexy gogo girls, our glamorous pussy pound lovely MS SINDI RAY & DJ SVETA'.

Oh my... that is one of the best Gurlesque line-ups I remember in a long time- and no prizes for guessing which particular ones I will be swooning over the most *sigh*. Yummy!!!



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