Saturday, March 03, 2007

Zoo Gets Her Spark Back

Not quite sure why, but am feeling a lot more mentally stable in the last week or so. Still been getting trashy, but happy-trashy not distressed-trashy. And not happy in a manic way really either, just kind of... content, like everything is okay, and will stay okay. Maybe its the effect of the Mardi Gras vibe in the air everywhere, maybe its going out and dancing in my underwear with my Bears, maybe its having lots of naughtiness last Sunday at the sex party, maybe its reading The Leather Daddy and The Femme again. Just generally feeling more confident, like going out dancing hard and cruising like a faggot and running about flagging and making dirty boys like my boots (everyone needs a goal). And being more confident means I am much less volatile and unpredictable and cranky. Good for everyone!

Ditched marshalling in favour of helping out Sydney Leather Pride. Will probably march with them, if not Glitter Militia (what a name!). Haven't done much/anything about a costume, so figuring full black tutu, lots of silver and black glitter, leather harness top, maybe packing (?), fishnets, etc. Still debating whether to shave my head or not, though think I will. Its always cathartic, and doesn't look half-bad either :)



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