Monday, February 26, 2007

Debauched and Delirious

Still all wobbly and jelly-legged from the shenanigans of the last few days. Saturday afternoon saw a birthday soiree for SharntSayNo, which attracted the usual bunch of debauched deviants. With three kinds of steak on the bbq, almost endless jugs of sangria, mutiple salads and yummy nibbly things, bourbon, malibu, and more than Zoo's usual quote of that which makes me go faster, it was all very messy. We chatted, we laughed, we had readings from The Worst Hetero-Porn Book Ever Written (his 'stubbly dome'??? excuse me? arrgh!), cuddled up on the couch, and played that Theatre Sports-y game where you make a story by each person adding a sentence at a time. Our stories involved flying transexual fairies, scones, lots of body parts exploding, The Village People, a champagne enema, Cronulla, and something about coffee table legs, before we unwisely decided that it was all too complicated and we should play cards instead. Then we all eventually passed out, and when we woke in the morning a dear boy arrived at the door bearing croissants and proceeded to make cups of tea to ease our befuddled heads. Quite a nice bash all round, and as no doubt I've said before, it is fantastic to be back with my old crew again.

Headed home for a nice long bath and a shave of most of my hairy bits before heading to the sex party. Normally I wouldn't bother de-furring myself, but sometimes when I lie in the bath I see the razor and start playing and before you know it almost EVERYTHING is gone! Got the venue all nervous and squibbly, paid our $ and got our towels and started wandering. (And the first people I saw were OE and her 'date'. But you know, it didn't worry me that much at all. Think the chat we had the day before was the best thing that could have happened. It helped that the premises were quite large too, so that our paths never really seemed to cross and we didn't end up sharing the same playspace or the same playpartners at the same time.) After checking out the facilities we sat down for a cigarette and one of my filthy friends mentioned to me that she had a rather full bladder. Rather conveniently, so did I, and you will have no trouble guessing what happened next. Oh, it was the first yellow hanky fun I have had in a LONG time, and I really had forgotten how much I love it! The smell of pee and sweat and lube and rude bits all mingled together, hair and skin drenched, slipping and sliding all over the place, the taste and the temperature and... really must do that again soon! Stumble/slid out of that room shagged senseless and reeling, and rather sticky. Then a quick shower and more ciggies and chatting and random acts of voyeurism before being pounced upon and shown a rather nice black-gloved time by two of my dearest friends. By the time the second one had removed her bits from my bits I could barely walk, and was possibly nearing delirium, so had a bit of a breather. Until it occurred to me that I had a bag full of pointy things with me, so I asked one of my piercing pals if she was up for sticking me. And she was. Yay! Borrowed a torch, found the lightest cubicle we could, and set to it. Unfortunately the trashiness of the night before, and the sheer physical exhaustion of my other plays, had left me unable to take a huge amount, so we just played around with some 21gauge needles in my back. And one 18g canula, which was one of the most exquisate sensations I've experienced in quite a while! I always forget that the big ones often hurt less than the small ones, or at least sting a lot less and so I often find them easier to take. And certainly more erotic. When she slid the metal out and just left the sheath in my flesh... ohhhh... it was intensely sexual. Blush. really must organise something like this again soon, as there is still a cross that I need to be tied to, a sling I need to crawl into and a cage I need to be locked in. Oh, I do love being a pervert.



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