Friday, June 22, 2007

Lady Shave

There are few joys that can even begin to compare to the bracing sensation of icy cold air on a freshly clippered scalp. Except for icy cold air on a freshly wet-shaved scalp! This always reminds me of Europe, especially Berlin. Ms Toronto shaving my head in Lund before I caught the overnight express train to Ostbahnhof. Mutual clippering sessions with my BearDaddy in Copenhagen before spending Christmas at Kit Kat and Darkside and Devotion. In the bathroom of SauerKraut's best friend in Glatzserstrasse (?), ridding ourselves of the Monchichi coiffures we had grown to please Bavarian parents before heading out to Berghain.

Walking out in the freezing winter evening after hours spent with Mistress O'Mayhem artfully wielding clippers and shaving foam and a pack of cheap razors yesterday was one of the most horny-making things I have encountered in a while (apart from earlier when we sat in front of the big gas heater, polishing boots and watching The Famous Five). Ooooerrrr....



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