Monday, July 16, 2007

Channel Nine, 2am, Monday Morning

'You know what burns me? Ladies restrooms that don't have urinals' states some hick American man in drag on a show called Blue Collar TV.

'Why are you wearing heels?' asks small girl-child. 'Because I'm a girl' replies Posh Spice in an ad for her new show.

This is surreal. DreadfullGirl and I spent this afternoon dressing up and poncing about in front of the camera at my friend's open studio day, and then came home and made pasta bake and woofed that down followed by chokkie cake and bikkies and microwave popcorn. Now we are having an impromptu slumber party in the NICE WARM loungeroom, all wrapped up in doonas with the heaters on and reading and chatting to foreigners online.



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