Saturday, July 14, 2007

Possession Is Nine-Tenths Of The Flaw

This desire to possess her is a wound
And it's naggin' at me like a shrew
But, I know that to possess her
Is, therefore, not to desire her
Ooo, then you know
That little girl would just have to go

- Nick Cave
'From Her To Eternity'

With some people my desire to possess them, or be possessed by them, is so intense that I cannot keep away from them, I babble at them endlessly and demand constant attention. They are forever in my thoughts, and I haunt theirs whether they like it or not. With others my desire to possess them is so intense that I cannot bring myself to go anywhere near them, I make only the smallest conversation and try to hide myself behind the curtains. I avoid thinking of them, and attempt to not leave a trace of myself on their memory.

She's wearing those blue stockings I bet...

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