Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Queer Grrl Mag Launching Soon *CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS*

From the magnificent Katrina Fox, Goddess Of Grrl-On-Grrl Journalism (see her work in SX, LOTL etc) comes the following excitement:

Evolution Publishing, the largest publisher of GLBTIQ titles across Australia (SX in Sydney, MCV in Melbourne, Queensland Pride, AX National & Fellow Traveller) is launching a brand new, monthly lesbian/queer girl magazine. It’s basically aimed at the sex-positive queer chick who’s interested in fashion, entertainment and pop culture as well as politics and global issues.

Whether an urban ghetto babe, self-possessed boi, high-femme lipstick lesbian, funky fetishist or radical queer/genderqueer underground freak, she’s the sort of gal whose sexuality and gender identity is important, but not necessarily the be-all and end-all of her life. She’s more likely to seek out the latest iPod than IVF treatments and knows that it’s possible, if not preferable, to change the world while sporting a fab new haircut! There’ll be a strong focus on local queer chicks, as well as features with an international perspective – we’re aiming for a queer girl version of Yen magazine or Dazed & Confused.

I’m the editor of the new mag which, like all Evolution titles will be a full-colour gloss print street magazine, and will be distributed free predominantly in Sydney and NSW, plus selected outlets in Melbourne and Brisbane. I’m looking for the following:

  1. Feedback – what and who do you want to see in the magazine?
  1. Contributors – freelance writers and reviewers. Experienced journalists/writers as well as those with less experience but a passion and something to say are equally welcome! (Non-fiction only though, at this stage, so please – no poems!)
  1. Interns – there are opportunities for interns studying writing, media or journalism to spend some time working in the Sydney-based offices of Evolution Publishing and to gain valuable experience in GLBTIQ publishing.
  1. Models – To appear on the cover and inside the magazine. Diversity is the key word here and ‘local’ is the other – if you want to see ‘yourselves’ represented in a lesbian/queer gal magazine, don’t be shy: put yourselves forward!

Please email me at with feedback, ideas, what you’re passionate about and what you can offer. If you have any samples of your writing, including blogs, please include these. We’re launching around the time of the Sleaze Ball, so please spread the word and forward this message among your friends, work colleagues, networks, e-lists, e-groups, Myspace friends etc.



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