Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Spent a glorious day beating about the bush with a cheeky little boi scout. Started and ended with a missed Bundeena-Cronulla ferry ride, and inbetween there was:

Baby octopus and chips consumed by the beach, op-shopping, wandering through the mall checking out the Shire folk (some sights to behold let me tell you!), lots of galahs, paddling in the sea on another beach, some indigenous rock carvings and a HUGE big walk bashing our way through the scrub, lots of spiky things and spiders' webs and wildflowers, eating apples and chatting for ages on a rock by the water, more walking along a seemingly endless sandy track as the sun slowly set across the ocean, and finally bakery treats and ginger beer by the wharf.

Came back to the ghetto slightly sunkissed and with my legs aching with all the hiking and... oh, it was just BEAUTIFUL! After trying to find The Lost Bear I located SauerKraut (who kissed my hair and told me I tasted salty like the beach) and had a very funny drink and giggle at The Newtown and toddled home for french toast and housemate talkies and cuddles and hot water bottle in bed.

Ahhh, got to relax while I can... so much on this coming couple of weeks (as always I suppose)! Scragg and Sly tomorrow, playing surgery buddy for my friend's lumpectomy on Friday, two birthday parties on Friday, a flesh pull (?) and wake on Saturday, then post-surgery pal time and work next week. The other 'cancer friend' is back in hospital too, so will try to visit her one day, then at some point I need to pick up my pump and pills and start getting down to lactating again, and work on shows of course. And much more besides (depressed friend in hospital, random art happenings etc). Phew! Better than being bored I suppose, but please, if we could lay off the death and disease and disaster routines for a while I would MUCH appreciate it.

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