Sunday, June 24, 2007

Got A House, Mate?

Well, NattieTheFlattie is moving out next weekend, meaning that three out of four of my housemates have left for one reason or another in the space of a week. This leaves me, Beanz and a couple of people I haven't met but are apparently moving in. Hmmm.

True, we may all get on really well and it may be fabulous but at this point I am really not that keen on staying there anymore. Its not the household I joined. So... Will put my name down at some co-ops and wait until something comes up I suppose. Still, if anyone knows of any households that are looking for someone please pass them my details. Main requirements: Queer, housetrained, sex-postive, no pets/pets that don't make the house STINK, understanding of PhD/academia/artsy-fartsy activities, not a 'non-stop party' house or drop-in-centre for the unwashed and unreciprical who will just turn up and drink beer and trash the place and then leave. Would prefer a small household, and a place not entirely run down. Just want a nice clean house with no dramas and friendly folk who put on the garbage and cook for each other sometimes.



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