Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekend, And More Weekend

Started Saturday morning with a nice cold beer at The Sly, where I met Mr Red Shoes so that we may go shopping. Mission: to find him a girly, but not too girly, outfit to wear to a boys-as-girls party in a few weeks. 'No!'' he says, 'I don't want to look like a drag queen!'. Then the first think he tries on, and buys, is a red sequinned dress. And net gloves. Then we get a latte and he gets all bored with shopping and buggers off. Whatever am I supposed to do with that? I figure he's destined for false eyelashes and feathers whether he likes it or not... Then met up with the Lovely Leeds Lad to teach him a thing or two about Rugby League and KB Beer. Hooked up with TCM, MFM, UM and others at Henson Park, and spent a pleasant hour or two in the sunshine, chatting and sinking tinnies and watching the Jets lose again *boo! hiss!*. TCM was having a BBQ at his place, sow e all toddled over there for snags and salad and MUCH more beer and silliness, marshmallows over the Weber and throwing slobbery balls to the HyperHounds. Nice end to a nice day, though I did get rather munted. In a nice way, of course. Just silly and floppy and ended up crashing on Beculum's sofa bed.

Sunday brought the 50s Fair at Rose Seidler House, accompanied by My Fave Mermaid and Unca M. Sunny day, lots of stalls selling clothes and bric-a-brac and bands and swing dancers and a rather dodgy crooner and a puppet show and lots of folk dressed right up for best dressed competition and hot rods and quiffs and bouffants and a friend's 7 year old blowing bubbles over us all and me stuffed full of quiche and chocolate gelato. Perfect!



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