Sunday, August 19, 2007

Zoo Fly

To cut a long story short: Huge show planned for Hellfire. Branding, piercings, cheekhooks- very exciting and BIG. At the last minute the boys from Modified Souls pulled out, leaving me with exactly 12 hours to create a show from scratch, make costumes, buy props and rehearse and... I did panic a bit, I must confess. But not too much and not for too long- within an hour I had organised a piercer and was at Bargain Home searching for plastic flys and feathers.

Song One, Human Fly by the Cramps. Come on in jeans, boots, black leather fingerless gloves, big long velvet cloak, fly mask with google eyes all over it. Strutted about with flyswats and flyspray, ake off coat to reveal black feather wings pinned into back, take off mask to show flies pierced into forehead. Second Song, Wings Off Flies by Nick Cave. Rip up bunch of flowers, swing red wine-jelly from bottle and spit into audience. Pierce tits with birthday candle needles, light, get audience member to blow out. Pull furry foam-cored sider out of jeans, pull out needles, stick into spider, 'she loves me, she loves me not'. Not hugely polished, or particularly hardcore (lots of blood though) but seemed to go down well enough. And gave me suhc a HUGE rush! For some reason the head piercings sent me absolutely flying, it was like taking ten lines of something fast and then having an espresso, just ran around totally hyped up and babbling and dancing, totally manic and doing laps of the club until it closed. Then went on drinking more. Woke up barely able to move. Always thought that 'dancing your arse off' was just an expression, but really, my arse is SORE. How hard can I possibly have been shaking my booty????



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