Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Loooooong Weekend

Today was same sex marriage NDA, marched with Serious and Doctor Boo and DreadfullGirl and a whole pack of other freaks, dressed in suit pants and bow tie and top hat and a 'Johnny f%^cked me and now he won't marry me' banner. Lots of dancing and chanting and chatting, a couple of beers and so nice to be out in the sunshine.

Last night Princess had birthday drinks at Kuletos/The Newtown, which was a messy silly night with lots of cuddles and giggles to be had. Met a fabulous girl who got me all excited about nerdy academia again and seems like she could be much fun to hang out and chat with in the future. Before that had been at Sly with Serious, Boo, My Fave Mermaid, Unca M, Mazzy, SauerKraut, This Charming Man and The Quiff, working on a new project (that is all hush-hush for now). And earlier that arvo had been watching The Jets WIN at Henson Park, with TCM and Beculum, MFM, UM and a few others, plus the HyperHounds. Tinnie of KB, sausage sanger dripping with onion and sauce, sitting on the hill basking in the sunshine. Love it!

Friday night was RollMops' farewell before she leaves for Stockholm, and she'd requested that Shazza and Dazza make an appearance. So they did. Schapylle was as sexy a Scragg as ever, newly tanned and in a gold bikini underneath her denim skirt (you can see the effect she had on RollMop in the photo) and Darryll was a total spunkrat who had all the men's men chasing after him of course. Black jeans neatly showcasing his bulging blokehood, impeccable pecs underneath his Hellfire shirt with the topless chicks on it, red flannie, his best teeth and his new workboots. He had plenty of fun, and a bit of luck even, cruising The Newtown (at one point almost being the double adaptor between an 'Azza' and a 'Gazza'), and watching Shazza dancing like a fag hag who'd had too many Bundy and Cokes, before the pub closed and he and RM decided to head to a play party around the corner. Don't know that the kink world is on the whole ready for mullets and Blunnies, even if Dazza can't understand folk disrespecting his flannelette fetish. He did get a bit of dirty action in a dark corner, but even though he was a bit munted he remembered to get off at Redfern so should be safe from making any mini-Dazza's and so Shazza'll never find out about it. Besides the chick he was rooting was a lezzo and everyone knows that Howard told us they can't have babies anyway.

Other than that- Thursday went to the strip show at The Newtown, which turned out to be a truly fabulous schmoozing and croozing night. So many beautiful creative types, some old faves and new blood, lots of talk about projects past and future adventures, swapping email adresses and information and ideas. I love my bearded boys! Hmmm... Have almost worked out all the details for the HF show on Friday, and seems that my milk is beginning to come in a little bit more. Have a couple of ideas for the abstract I need to write for the other Salzburg conference I want to go to. Ahh, feeling quite inspired but still so much to be done!



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