Monday, August 06, 2007

Pervy Old Zoo

'Hey boys let's mess around
I wanna party with you on the town
Some boys really make me swing
There ain't nothin' like a pretty young thing

Young boys are my weakness
I just like their sweetness
Pretty young thing what ya gonna do?
I just wanna get me hands on YOU'

- Kate Cebrano
'Young Boys Are My Weakness'

At the risk of sounding like a latter-day Germaine Greer, or at least a mid-90s (?)Kate Cebrano, this young boy just walked past me at Uni and gave me THAT look and it was all I could do to stop myself from tripping over my own feet. There is something about being in my camos and boots and have a perfectly clippered rascal cruise me so obviously that makes me lose my senses...

'Then this young kinda guy walked right on by me
He couldn't have been more than 16
It's just nothing I can do you gotta understand
You see, he had this walk
I mean, down pat and
No he wasn't going my direction so I just kinda turned an eye
I had to I was really possessed
I mean, I wasn't myself'

- Lydia Lunch
'Lady Scarface'



Blogger madam phantasm said...

It's late 80s Kate who loves the young boys... Young Boys is from the 1989 album Brave which also gave the world Bedroom Eyes...

I can't resist you no matter how I try
After all this time can't believe that I'm
About to take this ride
Said it was over decided we were through
I've convinced myself that somebody else
Could take the place of you
You're gonna be my one obsession
And from this power you
possess I need protection
When you're staring straight through me
With those eyes those bedroom eyes
I'm lost for words so hypnotized
I can feel it in my heart
It's about to start with those eyes
Those bedroom eyes

Pure poetry!

5:35 pm  

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