Thursday, August 02, 2007


Sleaze Ball 2007 presents Zirkus. Our most spectacular party yet and ticketsare now on sale. While this crazy, crazy world falls apart around us, there isonly one possible rational response - run away to the Zirkus.From the traditional to the twisted - you will find ringmasters,clowns, lions with their tamers, contortionists, strongmen,bearded ladies, naked ladies, bearded naked ladies. You know the score - the woodwork squeaks and out come thefreaks! Mix them all in with the heady atmosphere of WeimarBerlin and you have a uniquely Sleaze experience. Decadencewithout limitation and uncompromising sensuality oozing fromevery beautiful pore. You will be kept dancing till dawn by some of Australia's verybest DJs: Rob Davis, Feisty, Jayson Forbes, Kitty Glitter, TimGraham, Murray Hood, GI Jode, Kate Monroe, Dan Murphy, Neroli,Pete Newton, Justin Scott, Steve Sonius and Alex Taylor.

Our core theme is circus. Zirkus is simply circus in German. So think traditional circus icons – ringmaster, clowns, lions and their tamers, contortionists, human cannonballs, strongmen, bearded ladies, and so forth. Or create your own freaks of nature. Maybe you are the feathered Bird Girl of Marrickville? Or the enormously endowed Elephant Trunk of East Sydney? Whatever your bizarre mutation, we welcome you with open arms. Zirkus made us think of Cabaret and Berlin in the 20s. Bowler hats, huge eyelashes and fishnets for the girls. Top hats, monocles and fishnets for the boys. In fact anything German does it for us this year. Pretzels, ledershosen and big jugs will guarantee you are a huge hit. Burlesque will always work well. Feathers, nipple tassles, crops and other props. Colours? Well black is the colour of Sleaze, but this year we’re going to be mixing it up with some really neon pinks, greens, blues, etc. Think kindergarten gothic punk. Punk is very Zirkus. Being Sleaze Ball you can’t go wrong with leather, rubber and PVC. Flesh is also one of our favourite materials. And finally… don’t forget those fishnets.

Yes, we have a limited first round of tickets on offer at $$55for New Mardi Gras members and $$79 for non-members. Don't waitaround long as we expect them to go very quickly. You can buy your ticket online at Ticketek[] orby calling 13 2849 or at any Ticketek outlet.

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh.... I'm not normally a huge Sleaze fan, but may make an exception for this! Anyone else up for it?



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