Sunday, July 22, 2007

Week/end Wrap-up

Had two spectacular nights of dizzyingly silly drunkeness and sheer joy this week, where I was pretty munted but NOT sad in the least, not mooching around all melancholy or rolling around ranting or being upset that I wasn't picking up anyone or pining for lost loves or crying for the dead or worrying about the sick. Wednesday afternoon was lovely, went and saw BodModBoy at PolyMorph to run through show ideas and then went to De Borsche's studio to finalise branding design and size, then dropped in to Slox to see who was around. Ran into a Cheeky Sod I've not seen for AGES, and we decided to head to The Newtown to see if we could win anything in the crab races. We couldn't, but we had lots of ludicrous fun thinking up names for and cheering on our chosen critters and having a couple of bevvies. Then back to Sly, chatting and drinking and laughing about the place with a heap of friends. DreadfullGirl turned up just as I was thinking of leaving, and this prompted new heights of terrifying and uninhibited Fraggle-dancing, before a nonsensical trip to The Townie, a strange convenience store shopping spree, a wee small hours cooking adventure and yet another slumber party in the loungeroom. I was giggly and mischievous and just felt... free? At one point someone I had just met asked if I had taken a pill 'or are you always like this?'. It was ludicrous, in the most delightful way!

And then Friday was Hellfire. Went over to ButchBitch's dressed up, drank a few glasses of wine and had some spag bol and headed to the club. Was in super-hyper-sillypants mode for no reason I could pinpoint at all. Ran around in circles, danced, chatted, danced, met The Initialled One (waves to PV, and thanks for finally putting me out of my mystery misery), danced, drank copious amounts of vodka, watched an amazingly sexy feathers and hula hoops show by Kira and a perfectly absurd show by the quirky beast that is Birdman (thanks for the drinks vouchers!), danced, tied myself up in my feather boa, danced, babbled on telling everyone they HAD to come to the next one and see my show, danced and... after the lights came on we realised most of our friends had scuttled off into the night somewhere along the way so ButchBitch and I stumbled over the road to The Midnight Shift. Upstairs. With the twinks. One of whom had some poppers, which normally I wouldn't do on the dancefloor (these things work best usually if Zoo not standing up), but I was feeling reckless so sniffed away and got even dizzier and there were lasers and handbag music and it was all just so bloody GAY and shiny and ridiculous that I almost choked on camp and had to leave after a short but very entertaining while. Then back to BB's place to drink tea and ramble on for ages before crashing out.

Realised that somehow the last two times I had been on the piss I have ended up feeling more like I was on other, less legal, chemicals, than like I was bedrunken. In a very good way. Not maudlin or messy, but hilarious and happy. YAY!

Home mid-Sat arvo to manufacture the second sock puppet, invent a show and costume, and get to LesBeanz's birthday bash. Performed, danced some, got all gooey over the speeches, met some fun people, ended up at house party before getting a lift home, sober and at a respectable hour, and having poached eggs and toast with DreadfullGirl. REALLY nice night. Today went to MCA for a small spot of art while I waited for my friend, J, and then went to the Aroma coffee festival in The Rocks. Shared a gozleme, had a couple of coffees, wandered through The Botanical Gardens, checked out Sax and had a beer at The Oxford. Then headed to Noel's wake, which was at an art gallery down the road. It was sweet, and a nice chance to see some people I'd not caught up with for a while, and to reminisce about all manner of things. Back to a friend's dungeon for coffee and bickies and then home to blog and cook and watch telly and hang out with my homies. Sweet.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just saw yr photo on the h/fire! Am looking forward to yr performance on the 17th. (and an improvement in my own....)

9:56 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

Likewise. To both :)



12:30 pm  

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