Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Soaking, Shiatsued And Shot With Silver

I am truly blessed to have such generous friends! Yesterday I had a lovely date with Miss X.
Started off being picked up from Mayhem*'s at midday, and having a yummy big lunch at The Cross. Then headed into the ginseng bathhouse at The Crest, where we were booked in for a shiatsu (all of this her treat). Ooooh... I love those baths! Got our robes and showered then jumped in for a quick soak in the ginseng. Then on to a most glorious massage, painful in a VERY good way, and seemingly much longer than the half hour we had asked for. Returned all floppy to the water, ginseng, hot bath, cold bath, wet sauna, back into water, scrubbed ourselves down thoroughly with the scratchy mitts, back in the water. Bliss! All warm and fuzzy we dried and dressed, headed into Newtown for shopping and bakery goodies. Back to her place for organic red wine, quince paste and white castello on crackers, and a fabulous talk with her highly entertaining and flamboyant housemate who had just returned from a trip to Morocco. She was supposed to teach me to pierce, but we got distracted and decided to head to The Newtown instead for pinball and pool comp (got down to the black ball), then some Indian dindins and porn shopping before toddling to our respective homes. Sweet.

* Had a lovely night/morning at Mayhem's. Met her at Uni for a meeting, then headed to her place via the kinkiest sex shop on King. We spent a very long time playing with the various harnesses and dildos, and discussing the merits (?) of banana-flavoured lube. Eventually she settled on the lovely pleather and webbing harness, a most exciting silver vibrating love-gun cock that is amusingly bendy and a sensible pump pack of Wet Stuff. We came home, ate yummy soba noodles and tofu, watched Torchwood with her neighbours, then spent a giggly while playing with her new toys (and the magical Hitachi). Grinning-like-a-fool Zoo!



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