Monday, July 16, 2007

Right Up(Start) Your Alley

I have been asked to perform at Upstart Alley on September 15th, which is being held somewhere in Melbourne. Last one was brilliant, with imported Gaylourdes and Wife and Domino talent amongst the Victorians, and full of Camp Betty beauties. No idea what happens when Betty's not in town, but figure it should still be lovely. Planning to drive down with Beculum- she's been hassling me to head south with her for ages as her missus hates Melbourne and we've contemplated various roadtrips for years. So, if anyone wants to put us up we'd be MUCH obliged! We don't take up too much space and are quite well house-trained. Really we are.

Promised the Upstarters blood, and at this stage am considering a human fly sort of number. Which makes it extra good to have Beculum around 'cos that gives me a piercer I can trust to poke metal through me in places I can't reach. MOST EXCITING!

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