Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Zoo The Big Top

It appears I am entering a new level in my perverted path, and much wanting to improve my technical toppy skills at the moment (ie not the topping from the bottom ones, the 'come here and let me bruise you' ones). So many bottoms that need spanking or piercing or a good thumping with the whacky stick, and I'm becoming much more inclined lately to be the one dishing it out. Miss X will be teaching me some piercing skills soon, which I am looking forward to most excitedly! Its funny, a lot of people expect that because they have seen me all pierced or tied up or beaten they can hand me a box of needles, a length of rope or a flogger and I will know what to do with it. But really, in most cases I don't have a clue, or the confidence. So, am thinking that I could do with some instruction in such matters, and to this end I will need both some willing flesh to practice on and knowledgeable hands to guide my own. Anyone want to help unleash Zoo The Big Top?



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