Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mint Green, With Traces Of Spittle

Bad Mummy won't let you go to bed before midnight. Bad Mummy always makes you eat dessert first so you can't finish your peas. Bad Mummy lets you wet yourself in public and won't change your pants for hours. Bad Mummy adds a dash of vodka to your orange juice. Bad Mummy doesn't check your homework. Bad Mummy answers the door in her negligee. Bad Mummy flirts with your headmaster. Bad Mummy leaves red lipstick marks on your cheek. Bad Mummy spanks you in the middle of the shopping centre. Bad Mummy breastfeeds you in front of your schoolfriends. Bad Mummy spares the rod and spoils the child. Bad Mummy doesn't tell you you'll go blind or to keep your hands above the quilt.



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