Sunday, July 22, 2007

Well Sock My Puppet!

Decided to do a show for LesBeanz's 21st Birthday Bash. Theme was 80s sci-fi. LB loves Patti Smith. Everybody loves sock puppets. So...

'Dancing Barefoot' playng. Zoo dressed up in blonde tousled wig, geek glasses, lab coat, oxygen mask, boots. Schmoozed about audience, sat on chair, slowly removed boots, took off sock puppets and put on hands. Danced around, groped people with puppets, stripped off lab coat to reveal dentara knickers, nose attached to navel, eyes glued to nipples. Sort of mad-scientist-meets-mutant-monster. Silly, rather unrehearsed, but lots of fun and seemed to go down well with the crowd!

Lovely night really, great speeches and yummy cake and much love and schmoobies *g*.



Blogger mayhem said...

Dunno wt is sexier?
the sox puppets or the vagina dentata?

ohh hell - it's yur painted full mammaries of course!

4:38 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

now, i reckon there's a crying show in there somewhere, milky tears spilling from weeping nipples...



4:45 pm  

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