Monday, August 06, 2007

Wand Of Wonder

Last night I
a) Bought a Hitachi and
b) Played with new Hitachi (and an extremely-rude-in-a-good-way butch)
c) Decided it should be called the HeeHeetachi 'cos that is one of the first sounds I made when I used it. VERY giggly! Just about dissolved into a puddle, which may be slighlty dangerous given the fact that it is powered from the wall and therefore probably capable of giving one quite a shock. Actually, there's possibly some sort of fun in that *g*! Just need a perverted sparky techy person to do a bit of work on it...

More on this topic later perhaps. I will say that finding someone who instinctively spits on me, spanks me, fists me, calls me a slut, licks my sweat, controls my breath and pins me down, all in a totally consensual way of course, is always a pleasure (and most often a suprise). Can barely walk, but there's a certain pleasure in some sorts of temporary injury. Woohoo!



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