Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pop Your Cherrie Pie

More from Mz Fox:

'First off thank you all for the very positive response to the newlesbian/queer girl magazine, Cherrie!Contributors are coming on board nicely, and now that we've fleshed things out a bit, I'm looking for the following specific things, for the launch issue and beyond:Opinion pieces. 500 words on any topic you like – can be GLBTQ related or totally unrelated. It can be fun and frivolous or a full-on rant,as long as it's opinionated and something you feel strongly/passionately about. Payment for those published, plus a 2-line bio including links to any blogs/live journals you have and pic of you.Also, for the creative among you: Erotic stories– email me for details.Email mailto:editorcherrie@e-p.com.au

So, there you go. What further enticement do you need?



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