Monday, August 13, 2007

Bittersweet Morsels

One perfect day
I'll get your telegram
And you'll be calling me, oh oh
This perfect day
I can't stop thinking
'Are you over there
Are you happy there?'
And tell me
If its still raining there in England...

- Little Heroes
'One Perfect Day'

This was playing on the radio at work today, and I remembered being on the bus a while back when this 'crazy' woman singing along to this really loudly. It made her, and me, so happy! But its such a bittersweet song when it comes down to it, which us probably why it made me smile so much today. I've been lucky to have so many sweet encounters of late, fleeting flirtations and stolen kisses and winks from the past and glimpses of possible futures. Ghosts playing show and tell with small snippets of my history, sending me postcards from the land of my father and the lands of my heart and playing hide and seek with premonitions of happinesses and further frolics. Current mood: Nostalgic, and optomistic.



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