Sunday, August 12, 2007

Passports, Persecution And A Petition

norrie mAy-welby wrote:

Tranys need the right to safe passage too! It's not safe for anyone to travel with a passport that says they're a bloke when they've got boobs, and have been passing as female for many years, in the case of pretty young pre-op transsexual girls wanting to travel to Thailand for a permanent tuckjob. But Howard's goverment is getting ever more belligerent in its prosecution of the class war on queers, and has now decided to force us to travel as the wrong gender as assigned at birth.

Please sign the web petition at More background info from SAGE, SX, and a blogger who compiled the following:

And I totally agree. So sign the petition, pass the details onto your lists and friends and tell Howard what you think of his transphobic attack.



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